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The District provides the ultimate flexibility for businesses looking to adapt to today’s workspace challenges. The pandemic has shifted the way we work and made it clear that many businesses no longer need sprawling office spaces with increased overhead. Whether you’re a solopreneur or large team, looking for full-time space or a hybrid use space, the district provides an unparalleled opportunity to return to work.


The “New Normal” is already in play at The District: our COVID-19 health and safety plan is comprehensive and fully implemented. Our plan is extensive in scope, but we fully commit to remain guided by governmental recommendations and regulations to keep you and your employees safe.

— Amanda Yankovich

Managing Director, the district

We believe that, in order to have productive workdays, our members need to both be safe and FEEL safe. Our COVID-19 health & safety plan aims to support these goals in three complementary ways: 

Health & Safety Policies

  • Temperature screenings (less than 99.9 for entry).
  • Face coverings where 6+ feet of social distance isn’t possible.
  • Verbal affirmation that
    a) the member hasn’t had known COVID symptoms or been diagnosed with COVID in the last 14 days; and
    b) that the member hasn’t been exposed to anyone who has.
  • Heightened sanitizing processes as recommended by the CDC.
  • Sanitation sweeps multiple times per day by staff.
  • Hand sanitizer & sanitizing wipe stations are available throughout the space.

In-Space Behavioral Modifications

  • Updated foot traffic flow to minimize face-to-face interactions
  • Daily “clean in, clean out” protocol upheld by members/staff/guests
  • Assigned seating to support social distancing

Workspace Design Considerations

  • Touchless features in restrooms, common areas, and entry/exit doors
  • Spatial distancing updates to furniture plan
  • Installation of privacy screens in open areas
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