A few small steps to start your journey

Several surveys over recent years paint a picture of Americans feeling overworked and out of balance. This can lead to a litany of issues from increased anxiety and depression to stroke – with much inbetween. How do you balance your work with your life so you can have it all without sacrificing your mental and physical health? Just like when it comes to coworking and meeting spaces, when it comes to work/life balance, one size doesn’t fit all. There’s no reason to worry, however, we have a few ideas to get you started on your journey to wellness in the workspace.

Scheduled time with those who matter

There’s a reason that Jack Nicholson’s character in “The Shining” typed out “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” as his sanity deteriorated. Having a good time with people you enjoy is a win in and of itself, but we know your work matters and that what you’re doing is important. By scheduling time with friends and family, not to mention some fun here and there, you may just find yourself with more energy, a more expansive attention span, increased productivity and overall better mental health – in fact, current research points to just that.

Change of scenery

Research conducted by New York University and University of Miami found that a change of scenery or routine can increase positivity. Being happy is payoff alone, but statistics show that happy people are more productive, creative and solution oriented. So, win-win! 

Enhanced social interactions

In light of many studies, it’s clear that fostering connections and community plays a pivotal role in enhancing overall well-being. By providing coworking spaces designed for collaboration and modern lounge areas to bring people together for meaningful interactions, we support individuals in promoting sustained resilience and prosperity while combating isolation and loneliness, and the mental and physical outcomes those ultimately cause.


Boundaries can be a hard one for many. Having boundaries can mean ending work at a specific time and leaving the day behind you. They can be defined as making it to dinner with the family more often than not. Perhaps it’s taking a long weekend and being fully present. When self employed or working remotely, it can be easy to blur work and life boundaries, especially when working from home. It’s easy to do just one more thing or have one late night run into the next and then the next. Boundaries can be useful when it comes to stress management. With flexible options, it’s easy to create a commitment to hard boundaries with a dedicated office or reserve time when you need it to get ahead on a project or delineate life from work. Plus, the blazing fast wifi, free coffee and tea, and local beer on site doesn’t hurt. 

Time management

According to 2022 data points, Americans spend a third of their workday checking and responding to email. Research also shows that the average person takes 23 minutes and 45 seconds to refocus after an interruption. By creating a plan, designating chunks of time for specific tasks (we’re looking at you, email), you can limit your interruptions and cut out a lot of the filler time it takes to refocus. This may mean you turn your email notifications off and check it first thing in the morning and again in the afternoon. Bonus tip, if you get into the “only handle it once” method and take action as needed at the time of checking it, you can seamlessly cut inbox AND mental clutter.

This might also be an excellent opportunity to consider time blocking for other tasks. After prioritizing your tasks for the week or day, block off time in your calendar. During the allotted time, that’s what you work on. When your time is up, you switch tasks to whatever’s next, whether that’s lunch with a friend, another task or time to meditate. Heralded by heavy hitters such as Bill Gates, this tactic has proven to help people get big things done in less time. And when you get your big things done in less time, you have more time to live your life as you see fit.

Get moving

At this point, who hasn’t heard that sitting for hours on end in front of a computer screen is detrimental to physical health? Did you know it can also have negative effects on mood and productivity? Here at The District, it’s easy to get moving with so much just steps away. Break a sweat with Eugene Yoga or StarCycle. Walk to one of the 5th Street Public Market restaurants to pick up a snack or head to Provision Market Hall. Linger over ice cream in Market Alley while watching the world go by or just dance where you’re at right now.


According to the Cleveland Clinic, the benefits of unplugging can include “being more productive at work to deepening your relationship with family and friends.” It’s completely up to you what unplugging looks like. It might be taking a two-week break from social media or it might be leaving your phone in a different room when you go to bed at night. Whatever you choose to do, being intentional about your habits can create long-lasting, positive change.

Define success for yourself

What success truly looks like is as individual as fingerprints. Don’t get caught up in what the proverbial Joneses are doing. If you want to make a million dollars in the next year or five, great. Maybe you want to travel the globe, have time for your pottery or be present when your kids are home while still meeting your financial obligations. Whatever your goals are, ensure they’re yours. When you’re on your authentic journey, it’s easier to stay on track.

In an ever-evolving landscape of what work looks like, coworking spaces, such as The District, are providing tools and community to increase wellness in the workplace and beyond. Join us in fostering a supportive environment that empowers our community to thrive professionally and personally. 

Take the first step towards enhanced well-being and productivity when you schedule your tour today.

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